Back In LA

Aug. 9th, 2004 01:51 pm
The trip back was my favorite kind: uneventful. I'm back at CBS prepping for tonight's show.

I hope those of you who were sports inclined got to see my reappearance on ESPN last night. Otherwise I flew 2600 miles for nothing! Actually, 5200 miles round trip! It was fun to be on the tacky set, sitting next to a guy who was pulling my jacket from under the console and generally trying to either crack me up or start a fight or both. Ah, those days of being in Bristol. How I cherish them so.

And the baseball coverage, huh? Wow! Lots of plays, lots of games. I feel like doing a survey right now about it:

[Poll #333415]

Hey! We're cool! We have the Ying Yang Twins on the show tonight! Later.
I'm about to go back to LA. What a great night, huh? Flying all the way to Connecticut from LA for about 90 minutes of work. And getting up at what time is it? My eyes aren't focusing properly.

My agent is going to get twenty percent of that ESPN appearance fee because he's going to pay for the first class tickets and hotel accomodations and all of my meals in NYC while I was here. So he'll owe me about two thousand dollars when I get back. Hopefully he'll pay me in small bills, because we're starting up the fantasy football league, and the rest of the gang hates when I throw around "The Benjamins" all over the room.

It was so much fun covering the baseball games. What a sport, huh? No time limit to how the games are played. You can play, oh, eighteen innings, and nobody blinks. In fact, that's just what Minnesota did. My Twins had to lose, so those highlights weren't. At least I didn't have to say a word about the New York (best team money can buy) Yankees, which was perfectly fine with me. I think you might be able to catch another rerun of the episode this morning, but by Noon, it should be gone.

Coincidentally, that's about when my plane should be arriving at LAX. Come meet me at the airport! But only if you're picking me up in a stretch limo.
Not everyone remembers that I got my start in this business, not on "The Daily Show," but as a sportscaster. I was a staffer at ESPN for many days. Some of the happiest days of my life, in fact... until I got out of there.

But now, I'm going back! In fact, I'm already back. I'll be co-hosting the start of "ESPN's Sportscenter" during their "Old School" week, when they invite back only the brightest and the best reporters to anchor the show for one night only.

Of course, the most important sports night is Sunday, so you'll see me this evening at 11pm, or after the game, depending on the time zone you're in. The Giants are hosting the Cubbies in the Sunday Night Game, so tune in for that if you are inclined.

Watch for me to sneak in "Jumanji!" into the highlight recaps.

If you can't see the show at 11, I think they rerun it, non-stop, overnight and into the next morning, so you'll be sick of seeing me, all in one day!

In preparation for this historic 25th Anniversary event for the network, Dan Patrick interviewed me. Read it and get some very serious insights about the behind the scenes at ESPN, and about how amusing this evening will be (hopefully more amusing than that interview went).

Let me see if I remember the notes... Da-da-da! Da-da-da!
No, I'm not appearing on some daytime reality show, but I am welcoming new people to my journal! I finally deleted a bunch of journals that hadn't been updated since the start of the Century, and added on some bright new stars to replace them. Hopefully, I'll continue to add on new people as I go, since, to me, it's all about interaction... it's all about talk.

This week's shows are going to be chock full of laughs, since the Democratic Convention is starting in Boston. We'll have to send somebody out there to cover the event, and see what sorts of fun things are happening in the Boston hotel rooms.

Did you see Sen. Kerry throwing out the first pitch at the Red Sox game? He's a big fan of the Sox, and I think that'll stand him in good stead with the citizens whose lives he has disrupted for this week!

And the Red Sox beat the Yankees! I'm sure that with the Republicans having their big shindig in New York later this summer, Kerry will hope that Boston beats New York at least once more!

As for guests... eh. Probably nobody you know is going to be on this week. We're sort of guessing we might be pushed back at least one night, if the news coverage runs long. You know. Dan Rather just starts talking and he won't shut up!

Let's see... what else? Oh right. Ricky Williams decided to just quit the Dolphins. Something about failing a drug test? I should do a joke about being in "flipper" mode, but what porpoise would that serve?

Anyway, as Billy Joel said, "It's All About Rum." I know you think he said, "It's All About Soul," but trust me on this. Have a great week!

So, this week, I'm trying to keep this low key, just in case something happens... but we're supposed to have a couple of nights of performances by [ profile] _morrissey_!

I'm going to talk about some other stuff right now, so that isn't the main focus of this post.

Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey
Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey

So, watch the show this week. Especially Thursday and Friday.

You know, just because.

What's Up?

Jul. 10th, 2004 02:03 pm

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So, I may not have been making new Late Late Shows this past week, but I haven't been slacking, either. Sure, I took a bit of time off and did some traveling, but I have been hard at work as a film actor, and let me tell you, it's not like sitting at a desk and talking with people. Okay, it's easier, since you know what's going to be said and done before it happens. But it's a lot of work.

You know why it takes so long to make movies? Lighting. It's as simple as that. It takes time for lighting technicians to move the lights around to shoot the film. So you spend lots of time waiting for that to happen, and that is spent reading magazines in the trailer. How many times can I see Peta Wilson naked? I mean, two dimensionally, that is! ;)

But it's back to the usual grind on Monday, when the show makes its triumphant return! I'm actually eager to get back to it. A while of waiting to say a couple of lines of dialogue will do that. No wonder all those actors are stir crazy! You need to do things like go to vegas to get married!

Oh, and speaking of that... I have to select one of the items to send for Britney's Wedding Registry. Good, good wishes to Kevin and her as they start their new life together. It's things like this that make life worth living.
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"I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went back and got his tub!"

Best quote ever! though Andy didn't win Wimbledon this time, he proved his abilities and his gracious glibness as Federer took the title.

Better luck at Flushing Meadows, Andy!
Is savor the flavor. Anybody like summer fruits? And no, I don't mean Seth Green.

Actually, summer is great because you don't have to think about anything. There's no sports going on, there's no new television shows... and there's a lot of movies that everyone needs to see.

So, tell me... what's your favorite summer pleasure? Try to keep it clean, people! ;)
I haven't mentioned that my budding acting career is getting a boost from good old Wes Craven!

And you'll never guess who some of my co-stars are...

But why should I tell you? Have A Look!

So, even though I'm taking time away from the desk, I'm not slacking on work!

Proud of ghoul.
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I knew something was up since "Old School!"

Oh, and Happy Trails, Ronnie. I'll never play "Wild Wild West" by Escape Club with the same feeling.


Jun. 1st, 2004 03:29 am
Congratulations to the Lakers. Way to go.

I guess we'll see how well they do against Indiana or Detroit.

Laker pride.
A) The Staples Center
B) The Staples Center
C) The Staples Center
D) The Staples Center

The Timberwolves took Game 5. In your face, Shaq! I'll be courtside to see the T'wolves tie up the series before taking it back to Minnesota... and then I'll head back out there for the final!

Yeah, it's vacation week, and that was perfectly timed. I'm disappointed Morrissey didn't make even one of the shows last week. But he'll be back, I know it. Just like Minnesota!
Okay, so this always happens. Just like when I plug someone getting a journal around here, they invariably disappear after three days? Same thing with [ profile] _morrissey_ week.

I should know better than to do such massive plugging when it comes to this. I should just not say anything to anyone and have people tune in and be surprised at who shows up!

But the reports are [ profile] _morrissey_ got a bit of a bug that's going around. Or it could be that virus that you see on the TV series "24?" I don't know.

Anyway... hopefully once he recovers, he'll come on and actually sing and we won't have to show old clips of earlier appearances! We're guesstimating Wednesday, though it might be as late as Friday.

I hope [ profile] shalom_harlow doesn't catch whatever he's got!
I love when [ profile] _morrissey_ sings about the Tories. And have you heard this new album?

You will, since It's "Morrissey Week" on The Late Late Show! The Prince Of Pain will perform every night this week!!!

I promised you something special, and this is it! Sure, we're having other guests... including [ profile] shalom_harlow, who is one of the stars of a new show called "The Jury" on Tuesday, and my beloved [ profile] dido_ on Friday... but even that takes a back seat to the Morose Master!

I hope you'll tune in, and I have a feeling you will! Morrissey every night this week! You have to watch!
[ profile] amanda_latona is going to be around LA in the next few weeks. She's finally putting the finishing touches on her new album. Hooray! We're going to luncheon together some time next week. The only thing that would have been better would have been a Red Sox/Angels game, but the baseball schedule makers were against us. Perhaps a Lakers Playoff game?

Speaking of albums, I pre-ordered [ profile] _morrissey_'s new CD/DVD at Virgin on Sunset! Then, he admonished me for actually purchasing it. He'll be on the show as a guest during Sweeps!

And a big hello to [ profile] parkerposey, who took some time to chat with me this evening. She's just such a sweetie!

I hope you're having as much fun as I am!

What happened to me? I've been on a very nice vacation, tuning up, winding down, honing my craft for the start of May... which, of course happens on This Thursday!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Thursday is April 29th. And you'd be right. But it's also the start of the ratings period known as "May Sweeps!"

Now, let me just tell you that May Sweeps really don't matter that much as far as the networks are concerned. The most important ratings are done in February. But for bragging rights and to feel better about a year that didn't go that well, May Sweeps is a great way of boosting things and making them look... as the kids say... decent.

This week's guests on The Late Late Show are, in many cases, people you had heard of at one time but totally forgot about. That's our theme this week! Here's the lineup for proof:

Monday... we're having Tim Meadows. Remember him? He was on SNL for half of his life, yet you probably couldn't name more than two characters he ever did on the show. Whatever Happened to him? We're going to find out!

Tuesday... Liz Phair. She was a really popular indie rock chick that turned Jewel on us. What happened there? Hopefully, she'll just sing and not bother telling us.

Wednesday... Jon Favreau. That svelte and funny guy from "Swingers" put on the pounds during his show "Dinner For Five." Maybe next time he should just eat a dinner for one, huh? Can you even tell where and when it's on? We'll find out all about it.

Thursday... Lacey Chabert. She used to be everybody's favorite violin-playing orphan on "Party of Five." Oh, and she did that Wild Cranberry Juice cartoon show too. Apparently, she's grown up. We're going to find out what happened there!

and Friday... a double whammy... Greg Kinnear and Bam Margera! These guys sort of had something like careers going on for at least a few minutes there. We'll try to figure out why they gave them up more quickly than they lasted!

It's going to be exciting and fun and most of all INFORMATIVE, so get a sheet of paper and a crayon to take notes with ready for use, tune in and find out Whatever Happened To...

All this week at 12:37am E/P on CBS!!!!!

VH-1 Divas

Apr. 18th, 2004 08:06 pm
Ahhh. What a show, huh? It really was Diva-stating. When did Wanda Sykes learn to sing? Oh, wait. That was Patti LaBelle.

Where were the REAL Divas? I'm talking about Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne and you know, those good ones. Kelly Clarkson and those? I think they missed out on a lot of fun.

It really was just a screaming contest, when you get right down to it. Which reminds me... Jennifer Love Hewitt could have gotten an invite too.

Still, it's so great to see so much talent get so little exposure.

Where are the new divas coming from? I have to know.
Hey! Woo! It's great to be back at work!

So, listen. We are doing a new show tonight. I'm not sure you care about that, but after the big Basketball game ends (which we'll be watching, btw), Georgia Tech and UConn. Should be a great game!

We've got Jason Priestley! We've got The Walkmen! We've got sparkling comedy bits!

I need to get over to the office, but I just wanted to say that you people make me happy, so I hope to make you happy!

Proud of you.
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