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What happened to me? I've been on a very nice vacation, tuning up, winding down, honing my craft for the start of May... which, of course happens on This Thursday!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Thursday is April 29th. And you'd be right. But it's also the start of the ratings period known as "May Sweeps!"

Now, let me just tell you that May Sweeps really don't matter that much as far as the networks are concerned. The most important ratings are done in February. But for bragging rights and to feel better about a year that didn't go that well, May Sweeps is a great way of boosting things and making them look... as the kids say... decent.

This week's guests on The Late Late Show are, in many cases, people you had heard of at one time but totally forgot about. That's our theme this week! Here's the lineup for proof:

Monday... we're having Tim Meadows. Remember him? He was on SNL for half of his life, yet you probably couldn't name more than two characters he ever did on the show. Whatever Happened to him? We're going to find out!

Tuesday... Liz Phair. She was a really popular indie rock chick that turned Jewel on us. What happened there? Hopefully, she'll just sing and not bother telling us.

Wednesday... Jon Favreau. That svelte and funny guy from "Swingers" put on the pounds during his show "Dinner For Five." Maybe next time he should just eat a dinner for one, huh? Can you even tell where and when it's on? We'll find out all about it.

Thursday... Lacey Chabert. She used to be everybody's favorite violin-playing orphan on "Party of Five." Oh, and she did that Wild Cranberry Juice cartoon show too. Apparently, she's grown up. We're going to find out what happened there!

and Friday... a double whammy... Greg Kinnear and Bam Margera! These guys sort of had something like careers going on for at least a few minutes there. We'll try to figure out why they gave them up more quickly than they lasted!

It's going to be exciting and fun and most of all INFORMATIVE, so get a sheet of paper and a crayon to take notes with ready for use, tune in and find out Whatever Happened To...

All this week at 12:37am E/P on CBS!!!!!
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