Apr. 5th, 2004

Yes, it's been a very busy week, celebrating FIVE YEARS on CBS, the Tiffany Network! ;)

Thank goodness no one was paying attention or else they would know I was a complete fraud and the only thing I should be doing on late night television is giving baseball scores.

Speaking of that... it's time for the American Pasttime. The Red Sox began the year in fine style last night. They have nowhere to go but up.

Let's see. I'm taking a vacation. Tonight is the NCAA Final, so you wouldn't be watching the show anyway... not that you ever do! But I intend to change that over the next five years! And it starts today!

Well, a week from today, since I'm off right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely springtime, unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case I hope you're having a delightful early autumn (my favorite time of year)!

I'll have a story or two to tell when I come back from vacation in a week. Meanwhile... what have you been doing? How have you been? What's new, pussycat? :D

<3 U.
Hey! Woo! It's great to be back at work!

So, listen. We are doing a new show tonight. I'm not sure you care about that, but after the big Basketball game ends (which we'll be watching, btw), Georgia Tech and UConn. Should be a great game!

We've got Jason Priestley! We've got The Walkmen! We've got sparkling comedy bits!

I need to get over to the office, but I just wanted to say that you people make me happy, so I hope to make you happy!

Proud of you.

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