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Not everyone remembers that I got my start in this business, not on "The Daily Show," but as a sportscaster. I was a staffer at ESPN for many days. Some of the happiest days of my life, in fact... until I got out of there.

But now, I'm going back! In fact, I'm already back. I'll be co-hosting the start of "ESPN's Sportscenter" during their "Old School" week, when they invite back only the brightest and the best reporters to anchor the show for one night only.

Of course, the most important sports night is Sunday, so you'll see me this evening at 11pm, or after the game, depending on the time zone you're in. The Giants are hosting the Cubbies in the Sunday Night Game, so tune in for that if you are inclined.

Watch for me to sneak in "Jumanji!" into the highlight recaps.

If you can't see the show at 11, I think they rerun it, non-stop, overnight and into the next morning, so you'll be sick of seeing me, all in one day!

In preparation for this historic 25th Anniversary event for the network, Dan Patrick interviewed me. Read it and get some very serious insights about the behind the scenes at ESPN, and about how amusing this evening will be (hopefully more amusing than that interview went).

Let me see if I remember the notes... Da-da-da! Da-da-da!
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